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Sandstone feature patio with inset circle

This feature, installed in a small garden to a bungalow, certainly added to the beauty of the rear garden and created a great seating and entertaining area. Using natural stone, it will last and last.

Patios, paths and steps

Here are some examples of patios, paths and steps works I have completed in the past. We are able to use various types of materials, from natural stone (mostly sourced economically from India) to lower cost cement fabricated slabs - typically set in a mould with a surface texture and sometimes coloured.

The quality of slab will depend on your budget but we can create a beautiful patio even on a low budget.

Poolside finished in natural fossilized stone

This project upgraded this pool area, making it look much more high quality. The natural stone will weather particularly well, unlike lower cost cement slabs (The surface of cement slabs will deteriorate over time, especially if jet washed to aggressively)

Slate coloured patio with low wall and brick edge

This project was at the rear of a older property and involved the creation of patio, raised beds behind a low wall and turfed lawn up to a brick edging of the patio